Thursday, August 23, 2007

Reuters at Sibos

In the run-up to SWIFT's annual customer conference, Sibos, it is not unusual for us hacks to receive invitations from banks and financial software vendors to attend press briefings with their key executives.

So when I received in my email inbox an invitation from Reuters to participate in "a limited number of face-to-face consultations, examining key business challenges faced by our customers," my curiosity was aroused.

The invitation mentioned that Reuters is bringing a team of "top-level experts" and showcasing a "new, no-compromise approach" to business automation for capital markets, which it has assigned the rather intriguing name, of "The Power of &."

It appears the "The Power of &." has something to do with "simplifying" front-to-back office trade and risk processes with more seamless integration of "standardised high quality data."

My interest was certainly twigged until I saw the name on the Reuters' invitation, which said, 'Dear Antonio'. At first I thought it was a mis-type (Anita, Antonio) but when I clicked on the RSVP button and the details of an Antonio at a bank in Brazil came up, I realised it was a customer invitation I had mistakenly received. No doubt the press invite for a limited face-to-face with Reuters is in the post.


Anonymous said...

lol i'm sure that sort of intimate customer care will get even better post the Thomson debacle- err- merger/

CityUnslicker said...

ouch. I doubt the execs accepted the invitation anyway!