Friday, June 01, 2007

Eating humble pie

Although the ink is not quite dry on the recent announcement that Nasdaq and the OMX Nordic Exchange will join forces to create yet another trans-Atlantic exchange, the real news surely is what does this mean for the 'go-it-alone' London Stock Exchange (LSE)?

With the NYSE Euronext deal completed and the Nasdaq OMX combination giving both exchanges a strong technology and derivatives card to play, isn't it time that the LSE "swallowed its pride," stopped being a "prima donna" and secured a pan-European or cross-Atlantic merger of its own.

Operating profit (up 55% to £185.6 million for the year ended 31 March 2007) and primary market activity on the exchange may be healthy, but Frédéric Ponzo, managing director of consultancy, NET2S, believes the competitive landscape will change next year as NYSE Euronext and Nasdaq OMX look to increase their global market share and new market entrants such as Project Turquoise makes its presence felt.

Although Ponzo does not believe that the competition from ECNs and multilateral trading facilities will be as fierce as some anticipate, by 'going it alone' the LSE currently does not have the global reach of the trans-Atlantic exchanges, nor does it have their derivatives capabilities.

Could it be that the LSE may have to eat humble pie and seriously reconsider merging with the likes of Deutsche Börse in order to sustain its foothold not only in the UK but the European, if not global market? Or will national pride and cultural differences continue to stand in the way of a deal that could make sense in the longer term if not in the short term?

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